Terms and Conditions of Liztum

The terms and conditions allow you to have clear rules of how everything works between you and Liztum. They answer key questions such as: What rights does Liztum have over the information of my organization? What happens if my password is compromised? or, what happens if I decide to withdraw?

We like to call things by their name

By registering and logging into Liztum you agree to the Terms and Conditions (ToS) described below, which are the version 0.7 of using the Software as a Service "Liztum", any subsequent modification of this document will be published on the web and will be notified via email to the users and active members of the platform.

The purpose of these ToS is to clarify the Terms of Use of Liztum, and Conditions with users. To identify the parties, we will take as reference the "Developers” of Liztum as those in charge of maintaining the product over time, and by User to companies, clubs, academies or schools that decide to use the platform.

Thus, the developers are the only owners of Liztum Beta version deployed on the Internet servers, identified as Liztum ("Product"). The product contains valuable and confidential information of the developers. The participant wishes to use the product in the development of their business activities. In this way, the parties agree on the following:


Liztum is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides the User with access to a version of the platform, hosted on servers on the Internet and the user agrees to use it considering the ToS defined here. The user agrees to use and assess the product, to report to the developer the failures, novelties or product improvement proposals during the time Liztum is used.

The user acknowledges that he/she will only have a limited, non-exclusive version of the product for the period of time he/she chooses to use it and recognizes that the version provided is a version in continuous improvement and progress that is not free of Bugs, the user agrees that he/she will use the product in a careful manner so that information provided by third parties is not lost.


Liztum will do everything possible to keep the information protected and through daily backups. In case of loss of logins or unusual movements, the user is obliged to notify via email, phone call or support chat in the shortest possible time, so that the team of developers can block access and take the appropriate measures in each case.

The user agrees that he/she will not duplicate, translate, modify, copy, print or use reverse engineer upon the supplied software.


The user agrees to provide the necessary resources to test and assess the platform, introducing correct, truthful and verifiable data. It is expected that the user will use it on a regular basis, to ensure the results. Likewise, the user is committed to providing Liztum with suggestions and recommendations that allow to improve the product. All information provided within Liztum is the sole and exclusive property of the user, Liztum will never use it without express permission of the user, Liztum will not sell the database, Liztum will not give data to financial entities, Liztum will not sell the information provided, Liztum will not create a school, club or academy with the information provided, no person from Liztum will contact people within the database provided by the user without the user's permission.

The user accepts that Liztum can collect information related to product use and general and non-personal data that serve as identification, such as demographics, ages, gender, collections, lists, payment and debt behaviors, attendance behaviors, and the rest of the information provided to make global analyzes and always excluding detailed personal information. Liztum is committed to safeguarding the information of which the user is the sole owner.


The user agrees to pay for the use of Liztum on a month-to-month basis, once the platform use calculation is made corresponding to the number of active students per month. If one or more students are deactivated by the user in the course of a month, the Product is able to calculate the correct average value to be charged, according to the days that these students were in "active" mode in the Product.

The user agrees to pay the month in arrears and within a maximum period of 5 days by any of the payment methods aproved and agreed previously with the Developers.If after these 5 the user has not canceled the total amount of active students, the Developers might take preventive actions, among these it could proceed a total bloackge to the organization, or it could be changed to free mode of limited use, so you would not be able use the platform in the same way. This payment entitles you to use all functions that are released during the development of Liztum.

Liztum will enable chat, email and/or telephone channels for the timely notification of any problem encountered or to receive recommendations for use.


The user can terminate this agreement at any time before the end of the month to be invoiced, and must cancel the corresponding value for the use of the platform. Likewise, developers may terminate Liztum at any time, indicating to the participant the date on which the platform will be turned off so that the participant makes a backup copy of the information provided. Under no circumstances will money be returned if the developers decide to terminate Liztum. In either of these two cases, the developers will delete all information that has been uploaded to the platform from the date of acceptance of the termination of the agreement, and the user must return all the information that has been provided. By accepting this agreement you agree that the developers are not responsible to you or a third party for any modification, suspension or deletion of the Services.

If the user decides to stop using Liztum, the user can receive all the information provided to the platform, which will be sent electronically once you notify Liztum and within 10 business days you will be sent all the consolidated information.


The developers guarantee that they are the creators of Liztum and that they have the right to sell licenses for its use. As this is a Product under continuous improvement and progress, the developers do not provide any additional warranty with respect to the product, nor are they responsible for any loss or damage that may be generated from its use. In any case, given the developers' interest in making the product a scalable platform, they are committed to assigning the necessary resources so that the users' experience with the product is as satisfactory as possible.


The parties agree that they will use all possible resources to resolve amicably any dispute arising out of this agreement. Any controversy, claim or dispute that can not be resolved between the parties will be escalated to the competent authority.

These ToS were drafted in Bogotá D.C., on the 24th day of the month of May 2017. Any infraction or doubt to these ToS can be notified to the email [email protected]