How does Liztum work?

Liztum is super easy to use, it is a sports management and administration program, and that's why we develop features designed for your most specific needs 👇

Upload your students and organize them in lists

Create your students and upload them from a file, or directly from the app. Organize them into lists by categories, levels, venues, sports, coaches... or the way you want to organize them!


Cash and receive payments

Monthly payments, tournaments, uniforms, classes, or any payment for which the students pay. Do you have discounts and surcharges? We do too! Record each payment or partial payment you receive, and keep the balance of each student and list under your control


Find any student, fast!

With our ultra-fast search engine you will no longer have to fight with sheets and folders. Find any student and check their information, guardians, balance, debts and payments, easily check to which lists it belongs. Students are the heart of your organization, and Liztum’s too.


Analyze and make better decisions

By using Liztum, you can see valuable information that was previously hidden. Knowing how old the debt is, who are the biggest debtors, or which are the lists with the biggest overdue payments, this allows you to make better decisions on your expenses and cash flow.


And a few more things...

With Liztum you can do all the student management. It is a sports management program for schools, academies and clubs that helps you to have control of your organization and that is why we include these new features:

  • Reminder of payments to WhatsApp
  • Photos of each student
  • Permissions and professional and administrative roles
  • Online support
  • Online receipts via Email
  • Payment reminders via Email

And we are currently working in...

  • Excel downloads
  • Files of each student
  • Advanced reports and analyses